The Midnight War

by The Black Dove Social Club

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This album contains songs written over the course of 4 years and eventually accumulated into a concept album now called The Midnight War.


released June 4, 2013

Justin McGovern-Vocals, Guitar, Samples/Synth
Glenn Robinson-Drums, Group Vox
Chris Piquette-Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Rob Courtemanche-Bass, Group Vox
Alex Beattie-Guitar, Group Vox
Sydney Matteson- Vocals "Fool's Errand"+"The Midnight War"
Pat Crowley-Vocals "Man With A Plan"
Viana Newton- Group Vox and Vocals on "Constellations"
Greg Johnson-Group Vox

Recorded and Produced by Chris Piquette at No Boundaries Studios in Providence, RI



all rights reserved


The Black Dove Social Club Providence, Rhode Island

Original songs by Justin McGovern, a veteran of the Providence, RI music scene.

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Track Name: Defection
We've got monsters on our hands with 10,000 arms
reaching into everything and taking what was ours
but we will be waiting (wait right here)
and we will be ready (show no fear)
Track Name: The Vanguard
We've been cowering here for a hundred years
paralyzed by harrowed fears but its done and we've had enough
with common threads we mend our bonds and draw our lines down in the sand and its here we make our stand
with great trust we form our ranks with no intent on breaking
we shall not take one step back we'll always move ahead

we bid farewell to old New England
(our hears belong to something in our reach)
we cast our fate out to the sea
we push on forth now through Rhode Island
(I take it boys we're playing now for keeps)
our lives now owned by misery

if you're floating towards a fire then your gonna burn your sails
and if your only tools a hammer all your problems will be nails
if you want to move fast than you better go alone
but if you want to go far you better bring someone
your storms just lost its thunder
your captain has fallen overboard
your stale talk wont float this boat
and failed knots wont hold anchors

Track Name: Through The Killing Fields
We all are born free but we find our own shackles
they grow a little tighter each and every day
well its hard to break free when the body is willing
but the mind has been trapped and the will has been taken away
but if you stand with me now i can promise the world

we'll break away. we'll break away.
you cant hold back a tidal wave
another day. a better way.
our hearts filled with affinity.

our bodies get scarred but our spirits are vested
you can rest when you're dead but for now get back on your feet
we dont care how things look. you must swallow your weakness
when the whole world is watching you must become the scene
and will you stand with my now like you stood there before


the burn of your lungs. theres blood in the streets
have you given everything?
thats all that we ask. all that we need.
conquer silence when you speak "one heart. one voice"
Track Name: Phantoms
Take. Take a minute to look around
Does this all seem familiar? Its the same fucking thing on repeat.
Try. Try to pull yourself away
and for one shining moment be a part of something big

And now we're running through the streets, our home
and the buildings burn like ancient Rome
just keep moving to stay alive
while the sinders fall like lurid snow
and the fires swallow all you know
we become phantoms, the "unknown"
I know you're scared of everything ahead
of everything out there
but its better to be scared than to feel nothing at all

there a light still alive in your eyes you can keep
if you just keep feeding the flames
and a voice in your heart if you scream loud enough
it can conquer anything
like the poison and lies we've been fed our whole lives
and the fables we've been told.
we're not deaf. we're not blind. we have known this whole time
but the ideas taking hold


listen up. there will be no hand outs, freebies or prizes at the door
we will not be welcomed with open arms.
we must do this on our own
and the revolution will not be televised

The only time you should ever look down on someone is when you're helping them up!
Track Name: Moonbeams (Jugular)
Well the wolves have finally caught our scent
you can almost hear them salivate
i guess they think they have all their ducks in a row
so just cover up your jugular
leave them nothing to strike
and we'll hide all our tracks in the snow

we'll move like moonbeams through the trees
silhouettes of former human beings
you can fight unless you're willing to put on the gloves
you can can't lead unless you're willing to show off your scars
dont stop moving. we're not waiting
you can't win unless you're willing to give it your all.

and no one knows for sure what could really be in store
around each and every turn in your life
but it could be the best source for gauging your own course
to go out and create one yourself.


Its here we make our vow that our purpose will never be broken
a promise to ourselves to keep our hearts, our eyes and our minds open
Track Name: Gods, Mountains & Mortals
Down every road there is a grave yard
and its filled to the grim
with the bodies of the abandoned, vessels corrupt from within

and your savior with open arms
says he is calling his children home. he's calling his children home.

as the mountains, they all crumble at your feet. at your feet
and his horsemen ride white horses
get on your knees. save us, please
from misery

you cant burn what has been scorched
and you cant guide whats so far lost

Track Name: There Are No Kings Here
The dark swallows the earth
and with tears in your eyes theres nothing to say
our skins been torn up and our bones broken down
we've seen some tough fights but its not over now
so just open your eyes and you realize

A knight in shining armor has just never been tested before
and they wont start now. They wont start now.
Beware false valor be carried by banners and crowns.
They're lost in pride. Lost in pride.

Days turn into nightmares
i feel stranded alone and lost in a crowd
theres a pain in our chests and it makes our blood crawl
as we stare at the darkness and see nothing at all
you opened your eyes and you realized


+Mario Savio- "Bodies Upon The Gears" December 2, 1964+
Track Name: A Fool's Errand
The lines in your letters have stopped making sense
that started a long time ago
your punctuations all over the place
and the words that you're using dont flow
and i just can't relate what i've seen
my nightmares have replaced my dreams

Well we've all been here before
its just up and over walls and once there you'll find no place to hide
but if you move fast enough or pray to your god enough
you might just make it out alive
anything big enough to give all you want is big enough to take it away
so remember when you look death straight in the eyes
just smile (LETS GIVE THEM HELL)

one more time here we go (HERE WE GO)
a fool's errand that seemed so possible
bells ring our twice for mourning
they sound so cracked and faded
but they still let you know
when your body fades away who is gonna come for your soul

we gave it all up at the drop of a hat
and we never knew what we had
the truth lies hidden far behind their grins
with their fangs buries in your neck


and now you're lying in the mud with the bugs and the dead
dreaming of the girl you left at home in your bed
this isnt time for dreaming, son. get up on your feet.
just keep your head down and try to stay with me

get up on your feet. this aint no time for dreaming
whats happened to me? Why cant I wake up?


Track Name: Man With A Plan (And A Gun)
Someone sold me a lie!
Everybody keep your heads down low
I can see the city lights ready to explode
its bad. i know. what did you expect? we're all playing for keeps.
and here we stand again on our own
trying to catch a glimpse of the unknown
its bad. i know but you got to believe.

wheres the line? have we crossed it out? (crossed it out)
i never got a chance to see this through
never mind. this is horrible. (horrible)
and i swear i thought this plan was bullet proof

has anybody seen the news today?
its just more and more of the same thing
its bad. i know. but did you expect? they bought reality
and we can stand together on our own
planting both feet firmly in the ground
its bad. i know. but you gotta believe in something bigger than "me"
because we've done it before
i cant fucking believe it
not one single word
and while we bury our heads in our hands
they just bury our friends in the sand
and no one wants to be the bearer of bad news
but with just a little action we can prove
that you had it in you. that you had it in you


with our heads held high we'll cry "WE'VE HAD ENOUGH"
and become our own players in the scene
raise your firsts up towards the sky and feel the sun
for the first time in a long time.

"We must find the cause of the effect or rather this defect
for this effect defective must have cause" fuckin shakespeare!
Track Name: The Midnight War
Our children go off to the war
thought they're barely 18 years old
something inside said to go
so they packed up their bags and left home
now we're all counting on someone to carry this burden alone
while we're all waiting for someone to walk back through our doors

If I fall our here would you catch me?
its not enough just to show
we'd like to know your there
when the light go down can you save me?
we'll use our voices to cut through the dark and despair
we know you're there

its never enough to give all
when they keep coming back wanting more
alls lost in the times once again
and we're stuck here in this midnight war
but they all know that theres someone
counting on them back at home
and they will step from the shadows to face the coming storm


what ever could i ever do to make this life seem warm and safe forever?
I'll never know. I never knew the innocence of youth was at hand.
I'll leave it all. I've lost it all and if asked of me i would do it again.
what ever could I ever do to make this life seem warm and safe forever?
(as our hearts beat faster)